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The 2023 Impact Report

Updated: May 14

We're thrilled to be sharing our 2023 Impact Report. With highlights from the year, overviews of our financials, and a Story of Growth, there's a lot to be excited about. Keep reading to learn more!

Interested in downloading a copy of the full report? Click the button below.

A Message from Donna

“As I begin my second year at Housing Hope and HopeWorks, my mantra continues to be to listen, learn, research, and implement. The challenges of those we serve are greater than ever between having to navigate the County housing shortage and, for some, the crisis of opioid addiction. Our staff is working hard to listen and learn about better and more effective ways to welcome people experiencing homelessness into our housing and training programs and be successful.

We continue to research better and more cost-effective ways to do business and build housing. This report reflects the work of our employees who are implementing agency-changing processes that serve our mission, vision, and values.

Thank you to all our funders, donors, and supporters. We cannot do this work without you. How could we? You inspire us with your dedication and compassion. We are better because of it."

Donna Moulton

Housing Hope & HopeWorks CEO

2023 Impact in Numbers

2,053+ people were served across all Housing Hope and HopeWorks programs.

1,475+ people (over 1,011 households) had stable housing where they could focus on setting goals for health, employment, and education.

90% of our households maintained their Housing Hope housing or exited out to other stable housing.

85 children and parents moved from living on the streets to having safe housing in our Emergency Shelter.

92 people received on-the-job training in landscaping, retail, early childhood, and food service through HopeWorks.

10 residents earned their GED, diploma, or High School Completion certificate.

69% of trainees were employed or in school after completing the training program.

186 children received services from Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center, a HopeWorks social enterprise.

86% of the children at Tomorrow’s Hope ages birth to five showed developmental improvement or were developmentally on-target.

228 children, youth, and parents got help from a Child and Family Specialist who provided stabilization services to the whole family.

Jeremy & Lauren's Story of Growth

"Jeremy and Lauren have worked hard to get where they are today: in recovery, united with their children, housed, employed, and full of hope and promise for what lies ahead. Their story started in what most people would think is an unusual place: a drug court. Lauren knew the minute she saw Jeremy that there was a connection. They were both working on overcoming their past with addiction and the law. As they connected, they learned that they both shared the commitment to create a brighter and healthier future for themselves and their kids than what they had..."

2023 Financial Overview

Non-audited financials. In 2023 we switched from FY to CY. These financials are from the January 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023 period.

2023 Highlights

Twin Lakes Landing II Ribbon Cutting

Serving 60 families in the North Snohomish County community, Twin Lakes Landing II is modeled after other Housing Hope sites that successfully integrate homeless families, low-income families, and families with special needs. These units will provide stable, affordable housing for years to come.

Madrona Highlands Groundbreaking

This 52-unit housing community will be Housing Hope’s first ever in South Snohomish County. Built in partnership with Edmonds Lutheran Church, construction is underway! Madrona Highlands is anticipated to open to families late 2024.

Investing in Our Organization

During 2023, Housing Hope and HopeWorks made improvements on the foundation of our agency, to increase our capacity and ability to serve. We updated key pieces of technology, including payroll and accounting, and brought our Human Services team closer together to increase impact.

2023 Sponsors

Interested in downloading a copy of the full report? Click the button below.

What's Next for Housing Hope & HopeWorks?


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