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A mother sitting on a couch, holding two young children.

Housing & Services

Housing Hope empowers families with hope, support and skills.

A Basic Need

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Housing Hope has been a pioneer in creating real solutions for the low income families that come to us for help. Our programs offer a full range of housing types—emergency shelter, transitional housing and affordable rental apartments, as well as homeownership opportunities for low-income households.


Buoyed by a vision of a community where everyone has a safe, decent, and affordable home, our founders committed to the concept of a Service Enriched Housing Continuum that supports families on their journeys to real independence.


The Continuum is an effective and efficient method of helping families break the cycle of poverty by recognizing that a family must meet the basic need for safe shelter before they can deal with other significant challenges. Conversely, providing only housing is not enough to significantly improve an person's chances for becoming successful members of the community.

Only the combination of housing and supportive services gives families the opportunity to become self-sufficient by building skills and resources for a better future.

Family Support Services

Once families have stable housing, they can focus on making changes in their lives to benefit their households.  Housing Hope employs several full time Case Managers to provide intensive family support services tailored to each individual family's needs.


Many of our families have experienced a lifetime of poverty and neglect or long-time abuse.  Our Case Managers help them with the challenging job of discarding counterproductive behaviors created for survival. Through weekly meetings, they help with:

  • setting long- and short-term family goals

  • budgeting

  • employment

  • parental support

  • educational needs

  • helping access resources provided in the community

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