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Why I Give: Steve Zwaller

"The opportunity to join the Housing Hope Board of Directors arose in 2008.  During my four years on the board, serving on various committees and projects, I really came to understand and appreciate what a difference Housing Hope was making in the lives of Snohomish County residents in need. It is the deep and sincere desire combined with the tireless efforts of the Housing Hope leadership and staff to affect meaningful life change.  Housing Hope offers its clients a vehicle for obtaining self-sufficiency through hard work on various issues attributing to their homelessness.  Their great success in part, has come as a result of their willingness to think outside the box and take a holistic approach in overcoming this obstacle to a secure future.

My wife Amy comes from a social services background and admires the depth and success of their programs.  Together we believe in the Housing Hope vision and mission that is drastically changing the lives of the homeless around Snohomish County and we will continue to contribute to this great organization.  Investing in people…. it is our hope for tomorrow." - Steve


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