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Why I Give: Dennis and Shari Thaut

Updated: Feb 29

"Our interest and support of Housing Hope has evolved over the past 25 years inspired in part by the vision of Ed Peterson but also the legacy of giving demonstrated by our parents, Barb and Roy Stave. Barb was one of the founding members of Housing Hope and contributed both financially as well as many hours in support of Housing Hope’s mission.


We also have witnessed firsthand through careers in social services the value of stable housing.  We know that when people in our community are struggling their most intermediate needs are food and secure housing. Housing Hope has responded to these needs with a variety of programs that serve as a model to other communities. We also know that the money given to Housing Hope goes directly to programs that make life changing differences in people’s lives.


Housing Hope will always be a significant part of our giving and we are confident that this organization will continue to be there for those in need." - Dennis & Shari


Would you join us and support more Snohomish County families on their journey to stabilization? Donate today to help build a brighter future for our community!


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