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Mush Love: Black Forest Mushrooms Supporting Local Food Banks

Updated: Feb 2

“Black Forest Mushrooms Launches "Mush Love" Initiative to Donate 6,000 Pounds of Hyperlocal Gourmet Mushrooms to Local Food Banks”

Everett, WA (February 1, 2024) - Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Black Forest Mushrooms proudly launches the 'Mush Love: Buy One, Give One' initiative this February, aiming to donate 6,000 pounds of hyperlocal gourmet mushrooms to nourish the Everett and surrounding community. For every amount purchased, they will donate the equivalent to the Snohomish and Lake Stevens Community Food Banks, Snohomish Healing Project, Housing Hope, and Hope Creek Charitable Foundation.

For every purchase of mushrooms, whether it's a direct buy from their store, a wholesale order to restaurants, or an order through their Fungi to Fork delivery service, Black Forest Mushrooms will match the amount pound-for-pound and donate it to local food banks and charities. Not in the market for fresh mushrooms? No problem. Purchases of their mushroom jerky, dried mushrooms, lion's mane powder, and grow kits also contribute to the cause, with each sale amounting to one pound of fresh mushrooms donated.

In line with their mission “cultivate gourmet mushrooms and healthy communities”, this initiative is not just about providing food; it’s about ensuring nutritious, hyperlocal options are accessible to everyone in the local community. Recognizing the varying needs of food banks, these donations will be fulfilled throughout the year, aligning with each of their beneficiary partners’ schedules to ensure optimal use and distribution.

Launched shortly after the grand opening of Black Forest Mushrooms,"Mush Love" is more than a donation drive; it’s a symbol of their dedication to spreading love and nourishment within the community. By participating, adventurers are not just enjoying their gourmet mushrooms; they are actively contributing to a healthier, more connected community.

They warmly invite everyone to join them in this heartfelt initiative throughout February. Join them in spreading the spores of “Mush Love”. For more information on "Mush Love" and our other community efforts, please visit their website. To stay connected about the event, keep updated on their socials and newsletter.


Thank you Black Forest Mushrooms for supporting Housing Hope and our local community!


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