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Holiday Celebrations: Four Thankful Turkeys

Updated: Jan 25

Thank you for bringing joy to our community!

We'd like to take a moment to celebrate some of the generosity that comes from our community during this time of the year. One incredible example of that is Four Thankful Turkeys, who brought holiday cheer to our residents and our neighbors. 

After serving two tours in Iraq as a Marine, Matt Olson experienced many of his combat brethren being diagnosed with PTSD, which, in many cases, resulted in taking their own lives or struggling with addiction. Having just attended another funeral, he sat on his couch at home and decided he needed to take the grief he was experiencing and use it for something good. He and his wife, Sharon, decided to reach out to their community to see who needed Thanksgiving meals.

In the first year, they prepared over 50 meals. Matt felt the energy and positivity of serving community members in need, and they decided to commit to an annual event of feeding people for Thanksgiving. They established the nonprofit and are serving over 600 households four years later.

Housing Hope has received some of these dinners for the last two years. We are very thankful for the generosity of this organization.

Matt is no stranger to the example of giving to your community. His Grandmother is Anita Olson (91), one of the original Hope Builders from Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Everett. She is an avid supporter of Housing Hope to this day and believes strongly in the mission. “When you see a problem, there is always a solution. It takes a while, but you build towards a goal. I look at the map of all the places Housing Hope has built since we started, and it is incredible!”

“I am very proud of my grandson. He was a leader in his platoon, and he experienced awful things. He struggled when he came home, but he worked hard to overcome his grief and has found a new life with his beautiful family. He is bringing along his fellow Marines in his work as well.”

Thank you, Matt and Sharon. Thank you, Anita! Your sacrifice is our blessing. 


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