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Angela's Story

Updated: Feb 29

Last year, at about this time, Angela wrote us a holiday card to let us know how she was doing and to thank us for the support and guidance she received. We thought you would want to know how she’s doing, too.

When Angela became homeless, she did not tell anybody. She lived out of her car between “visits” with friends and family. During a doctor’s visit, her physician asked how she was getting by, as she had an 8-month-old baby with a severe heart condition. During that appointment, she learned how to get on a waitlist for housing with Housing Hope. After several more weeks of juggling, things fell into place, and Angela was able to get housed in north Snohomish County. Housing Hope helped her with furnishings, clothes, and the health care her son needed.

“Cathy, my Family Support Coach, helped me with all of it.”

“She taught me about the medical benefits that were available to me and how insurance would cover monthly trips to Children’s Hospital in Seattle that my son needed, including several major heart procedures and surgeries. I met weekly with Cathy and learned the fundamentals of budgeting and house cleaning. I took the free classes offered to me on budgeting, nutrition, parenting, and other topics. I was able to get myself organized, and I got back into school, where eventually I finished my BA degree in business through Central Washington University.

As things improved for me financially, I was able to graduate to a larger Housing Hope unit in Marysville. This opened my eyes to a variety of people struggling just like me. Some were motivated but others did not take the program seriously and looked for ways around rules… resisting making changes in their lives. I connected with several families who were motivated to make changes, and I still stay in touch with them today.

By the time I finished the programs, I was ready to move on. I ended up moving with my son to Nevada to live near my cousins. I was able to start a career with a property management company, where I have been working and advancing for almost 11 years. I am totally off public assistance and am working on purchasing our first home.

My son has been the biggest blessing in my life. He is now 16 and is the most generous, thoughtful, amazing child you have ever met. The State of Nevada has an excellent Heart Center where he was able to get life-changing surgery that allows him to self-monitor his activity rate. He now plays soccer – something he has always wanted to do.

The move also helped me make changes to improve my health, and I now have fitness and nutrition goals that I work on, including doing the training program for a half-marathon. I still use the nutrition and budgeting classes I took at Housing Hope. I know how to make $40 stretch over a month, and I use a monthly budgeting sheet to track our expenses and purchase food that is good for us.

I am very thankful to Housing Hope for the life I have today. Cathy really helped me, and it was important for me this year to reach back and thank her and the agency. My advice for families in the Housing Hope program is to do the work, take the classes, follow the rules, and change your life for the better.”

- Angela

Angela’s Story is one of the many success stories in our program. We are thankful to her for reminding us of what is possible when you offer people a chance for a different life. Your support is also part of Angela’s success.  


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