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Why I Give: Jimmy Yamauchi

"My relationship with Housing Hope began shortly after I transferred from Hawaii to GTE Northwest. I was enrolled in the first Leadership Snohomish County Program and upon graduation, mysteriously ended up on the Housing Hope Board of Directors. It did not take long for me to realize the unique opportunity we have here at Housing Hope to literally change lives. I was on the committee to create Stone Soup into our annual fundraiser and fondly remember our first Stone Soup Event. It was held in the current Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center, which was under construction. From humble beginnings the Housing Hope team has grown Stone Soup into a premier fundraising and educational event.


After serving my first three year term I relocated to Tampa Florida. I retired from GTE/Verizon in 2004 and returned to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Ed Petersen reeled me back into Housing Hope where I served on the Board for two more terms.


Charlotte and I, continue to support Housing Hope because they are making a difference in Snohomish County and creating opportunities for many to become productive members of our communities. Housing Hope’s leadership team and the Board of Directors are comprised of highly skilled leaders and employees that are totally dedicated and committed to Housing Hope’s Mission." - Jimmy


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