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Why I Give: Dr. Jon and Donna Witte

"Donna and I met Ed Petersen and his family when we first moved to Everett in 1982; our families soon became friends. We sat on the North Snohomish County Association of Churches Homelessness Task Force with Ed and others, learning about and reaching out to the homeless within our community. Ed began to talk about a germ of an idea - addressing the homeless crisis in Snohomish County in a focused and innovative way.


When Ed called me one night asking if I’d be on the Board of Directors of an agency he was starting, Housing Hope, I didn’t hesitate. With Ed involved I knew the endeavor would be undertaken with dedication, passion, and integrity. I met with the other original board members to sign the papers of incorporation, scarcely imagining the force for good that Housing Hope would become.


Over the years we have watched the organization grow from one shelter in our neighborhood to many sites across Snohomish County, always working to reach more folks in need of shelter, childcare, affordable housing, education, and jobs. It has been my honor to serve Housing Hope as an original Board member, ongoing community supporter, and as original liaison with the Everett Clinic, helping introduce Housing Hope to the Everett Clinic Foundation, which has been a significant financial contributor for many years.


Our decision to leave a legacy gift to Housing Hope was an easy one. For Donna and myself Housing Hope has been a “family affair”, supporting it with time, energy, and money over the years. We are proud to be able to continue to contribute to the work of Housing Hope well into the future, beyond our own lifetimes, so that others may find shelter, opportunity, and stability in a community of caring." - Jon & Donna


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