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Why I Give: Dave Gardner

Updated: Feb 29

"I’ve been in real estate my whole life and became passionate about Housing Hope after Ed Petersen invited me to work with them on a couple of projects. I next toured their Tomorrow’s Hope program and the message hit hard. To think of a child in our community facing homelessness, lacking a safe place to sleep at night tore my heart strings apart. Wendy and I decided right then to start giving to stop the generational cycles of homelessness and poverty. The Housing Hope model is one that should be copied and used throughout the nation.  The fact that a local organization has figured out how to take care of emergency housing all the way to affordable home ownership is amazing. On top of that, to be able to provide career pathways through HopeWorks for people that have struggled to have long term employment is one more step to breaking the generational cycles.


We started attending Stone Soup, but eventually decided to make donations in honor of the clients and Realtors whose loans I fund through New American Funding. This allows us to give monthly, to pay forward the fruits of my professional success, and to bring exposure to others in our community who might not know about Housing Hope and all the incredible things that they do. Additionally, Wendy and I have been highly satisfied GroundWorks customers for over six years now. Housing Hope truly is a holistic program that not only gives a “hand up” but changes lives for generations to come. We are blessed to be able to be part of this organization." - Dave Gardner


Would you join us and support more Snohomish County families on their journey to stabilization? Donate today to help build a brighter future for our community!


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