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Why I Give: Chris & Terrie Rae Anderson

Updated: Jan 23

"We were part of the Bible study in Central Lutheran's basement in the 1980's where Ed Petersen began formulating the dream of Housing Hope. We left for Iowa before specific planning began and during the launching of Housing Hope. When I finished seminary, we returned to the northwest but moved to Kent for my first call. Our giving has increased based upon our ability to give. We believe in Housing Hope, we celebrate its ministry and the life-giving difference it makes for so many individuals, families, and communities. As a retired teacher and a pastor, we have known many who needed services such as Housing Hope offers. We work to make a difference in the community where we live and worship but we also have a deep commitment to Housing Hope.

We give thanks, too, for nearly 50 years of friendship with the Petersen and Eklund families. Our relationships go back to our years at PLU. We have been immensely blessed by their gifts and their friendship." - Chris & Terrie


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