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The Culinary Training Academy

We’re excited to have construction begin this summer on the next two phases of the build out of our new Culinary Training Academy, with the final phase of completion of the Employee Community Fund of Boeing Event Space coming in 2025. Across all four HopeWorks Social Enterprises, we served 101 trainees this past year, which was a dramatic surge of over 100% compared with the previous year.

This 5,000 square foot commercial kitchen will alleviate the space limitations we currently have working solely out of Kindred Kitchen’s food prep area. That will enable us to greatly increase the number of trainees we can serve at a given time - trainees like Jennifer who recently shared at her graduation, “The comradery and relationships you make here are unforgettable. People here know that where you come from is not who you are. It’s about where you are going.”


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