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Janet's Story

Updated: Feb 29

Janet is doing the hard work to stay clean and sober why she puts her life together. She has been healthy for 2 years and is working with one of Housing Hope’s Family Support Coaches, Siobhan Ecker. Janet has a stable place to live as well as her children back which is very important to her.

“My advice to others who are struggling is to ask for help when you need it. Don’t wait. I connected with Siobhan right away. She did not judge me, and she helped us through a lot of issues. She is also helping me get my drivers license and get back into school. I am living a good life right now and I want to stay this happy for a long time.” - Janet

From Siobhan’s perspective she is very positive about Janet’s progress. “Janet’s story is special because it demonstrates how Housing Hope travels down the road with our clients and we are there for the bumps and detours. It also shows how people are resilient and with stable housing can get back on track. I am very proud of the work Janet is doing to bring stability to her life.”


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