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Founder Feature: Todd Morrow

"As we approach the 36th anniversary of Housing Hope, I am grateful that Housing Hope has helped so many of our neighbors. During the 1980’s when we were started, homelessness became visible as affordable housing was lost and the social safety net was changed. In Everett there was no emergency housing where the whole family could stay together.

In the early days, the Board made a very important decision: we would never warehouse homeless individuals and families. Instead, we would provide housing that would make anyone proud along with the supportive services they needed. This comprehensive approach distinguishes Housing Hope. We also decided to serve those with the greatest need. My hope is that Housing Hope never departs from those choices.

Our community has been well served by them. Housing Hope was fortunate to have Ed Petersen as the founding Executive Director. Ed brought together community volunteers, grants, donations and expertise like no one else. All of us engaged in this mission have been enriched by the opportunity to serve and be in community with one another--a marvelous thing." - Todd Morrow

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