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A New Tomorrow's Hope

We’re thrilled to share the latest developments in planning our new Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center. You may have seen recent news stories in the Herald, on Q13 news, or other news outlets celebrating some significant capital awards of public funds for a new child development center.

Tomorrow’s Hope’s current space is a former restaurant that we renovated into a childcare center over 20 years ago. During those two decades, this space has served thousands of children in our community, but it has greatly outlived its useful life. For years, our Board and leadership have longed to give the children we serve a better space to heal and thrive and to give our dedicated staff a more supportive setting to deliver services.

With all these plans in place, and with these public awards, we're finally positioned to move forward with creating a brand new, thoughtfully designed, and expanded Tomorrow’s Hope in Everett that will serve an additional 100 kids daily. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and ways to be involved in the months to come!


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