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Get ready to spread the warmth of the holiday season with Shoebox Santa! It's your chance to craft a magical holiday experience for the wonderful children and families supported by Housing Hope and HopeWorks. As a Shoebox Santa, your kindness knows no bounds – from a carefully chosen holiday gift for a child to the option of supporting the adults in their household with essential kitchen items.

Last year, thanks to amazing sponsors like you, over 280 children's wish lists were fulfilled. This year, we're aiming even higher! Imagine the smiles you can bring by joining us in this heartwarming endeavor.

To make the process smooth for everyone, we kindly request that the gifts be placed inside a 12-15 quart plastic tub with a lid and the corresponding wish list label. This thoughtful touch ensures our dedicated volunteers and staff can store, organize, and seamlessly distribute these tokens of love to families all across Snohomish County.

If you're buying kitchen essential gifts for our families, there's no need to tag or place them in a 12-15 quart plastic tub.

Come, be a part of Shoebox Santa, and let's make this holiday season a little better for the families we serve. Sign up now and let the spirit of giving shine brightly!

Christmas Ornaments

Important Dates

October 1st-31st:  Fill out a Sponsor Interest Form
November 6th-November 10th:  Sponsors get matched up and emailed their wish list tags
December 8th:  Final deadline for Sponsors to deliver their gift boxes to 1 of 4 HH locations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are these gifts going to?

Housing Hope has over 541 residential units in over 23 locations across Snohomish County that serve as temporary shelters, housing for families coming from homelessness, and affordable residential housing that’s open to all.  Of those residential units, we run a program called Shoebox Santa which serves our families and children who come directly from homelessness and are working with our support staff.  In addition, we serve the families served through our Job Training program in HopeWorks.  Last year, donors helped us bring joy through gifts to over 280 children.


If you purchase any kitchen essentials for adults, those will be given to families who have recently come directly from homelessness or families who have made this special request.  

Should I include the printed wish list with the plastic tub when I deliver it to Housing Hope?

Yes, by printing and taping the wish list on the plastic tub, our staff and volunteer team will be able to organize and distribute the gifts to the appropriate property and child.

The kitchen essentials gifts for adults do not need a tag or do not need to be placed in a plastic tub.

Do I get everything on the list?

What’s on the list is a guide with items that the individual likes. You do not have to get everything on the list but we ask that the plastic bin gets filled.  Small filler items are fine.  If your gifts require more than 1 plastic tub, that is fine as long as the wish list label is attached.  We recognize that some gifts are bulky.  If anything requires batteries, we ask that you please include these in the box.  We want to be sure the gifts can be enjoyed right away!

Can I give gift cards?

We understand how much easier it would be to give gift cards, especially to teens.  However, due to the complicated process our agency must go through in order to receive and distribute gift cards, we request that you do not give gift cards. However, you can certainly put gift receipts in with the gifts so that the child or teen can exchange items if they would like to.

Are there any gifts I should not include in the box?

Please do not include toy guns, nerf guns, toy weapons, religious literature, used items, food products, candy, or gift cards.

Should I wrap my gifts?

Please do not wrap your gifts.  All gifts need to be seen visually by our volunteers to ensure gifts meet all the requirements.  In addition, we want to allow our families to wrap how they would like to.  However, you are welcome to donate wrapping paper and tape.

When can I deliver my gifts?

We ask that sponsors deliver their gifts on Friday, December 8th.   You are welcome to deliver the gifts before that date, but we ask you to first call the property to ensure that a staff member is there to receive and store the gift.

What if I can’t deliver the gifts by Friday, December 8th? 

Our staff and volunteers are prepared to organize, sort, and deliver gifts to the appropriate residents on Friday, the 8th.  If your gifts come in late, it requires extra staff and volunteer time and support to ensure delivery of those gifts.  We would rather you drop your gifts off early than late. Thank you for respecting our team’s time.

Where do I drop off my gifts?

The Shoebox Santa coordinator will assign you 1 of 4 Housing Hope property sites in north county, east county, or Everett. You will be given the address, the staff’s name and phone number, and any special instructions about where to meet.  Staff and volunteers will be waiting to sort, organize, and deliver gifts to appropriate sites on the day of your delivery.  Please do not drop off at other locations as it will mix up our coordinated plans for deliveries.

Do you take used items?

We ask that all Shoebox Santa gifts come in new and in their packaging. 

Do you take gift-wrapping supplies?

Absolutely!  We like to pair the gift boxes with a roll of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tape, and/or scissors.  You can provide any of these gift-wrapping supplies.


For any other questions, you can contact our Shoebox Santa coordinator, Angie Louthan at or work cell 425-405-5657. 

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