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Ensuring Homeless Students Are Seen During A Pandemic

EdWeek, February 17, 2021

The Children In the Shadows: New York City's Homeless Students

New York Times, September 9, 2020

Outbreak the First Response

Matter A Fact: Soledad O'Brein, June 28, 2020

Over 80% of Students Experiencing Homelessness Are Not Considered Eligible for All Homeless Services

Institute for Children Poverty and Homelessness, February 28, 2020

'They're invisible': Number of homeless students reaches new high

neaToday, February 12, 2020

Better Serving Needs of America's Homeless Students

Brown Center Chalk Board, October 2019

Local Data & Outcomes Dashboard

Schoolhouse Washington, 2017-2018

No Longer Hidden: The Health and Well Being of Homeless High School Students

Institute for Children Poverty and Homelessness, October 2019

Academic outcomes for students experiencing homelessness are low across the state of  Washington

Schoolhouse Washington, September 19, 2019

Not in my backyard

There's more to the story, July 22, 2019

There Doesn't Go The Neighborhood: Low-Income Housing Has No Impact On Nearby Home Value.

Trulia Research

Housed Without Stability: The Continuing Challenges Faced by Formerly Homeless Students.

Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness

Collaborative effort aims to tackle student absenteeism, one child at a time