Thank you for your help!

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, and because we want to do everything we can to help everyone stay as healthy and safe as possible, Housing Hope is pivoting the live Stone Soup fundraiser to a virtual event.


As is the case with our live Stone Soup event, virtual table captains are the heart of Stone Soup, and are an essential key to the event's success. Thank you for jumping onboard this new adventure with us and for your help in making our first ever virtual Stone Soup the best possible!

For questions about what our virtual Stone Soup will look like, visit our Stone Soup event page.  You'll also find answers to some FAQ's here.


What is the role of a Virtual Table Captain?

Table Captains are "community connectors" who are passionate about the mission of Housing Hope, and want to get their friends and families involved in strengthening our community by supporting individuals and families who are transitioning out of homelessness.

Your role as a Virtual Table Captain is to invite guests to 'attend' the May 7th Virtual Stone Soup through their computer or other mobile devices, and ask them to join you and others in making a gift to Housing Hope at a level that feels comfortable for them.

Getting started

Inviting Guests and Spreading the News

Invite family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other community connectors who would be interested in learning more about the impact supporters, like you, are having on families and individuals in Snohomish County and Camano Island who are transitioning out of homelessness. You never know who might have a connection to Housing Hope or the issues of poverty and homelessness. Share why you are passionate about Housing Hope. Guests do not need to register for Stone Stoup, however you can ask them to RSVP to you so you can follow up if you wish.

Get excited! Enthusiasm is contagious, and if you are excited about Housing Hope and the virtual Stone Soup, others will catch on to that.


An example invitation to guests (feel free to copy and paste):


As you may be aware, I am a strong supporter of local non-profit Housing Hope who provides safe, affordable housing and tailored services to families experiencing homelessness and poverty in Snohomish County and Camano Island. But they are so much more than that.

I'm not going to get into all the details of how they support parents and children on a path to self-sufficiency, rather I invite you to join me in attending their annual fundraising event, Stone Soup, and hear firsthand. This is their first ever virtual event and they have a fantastic program lined up, including a keynote speech from Stephanie Land, author of Maid.

The event is on Thursday, May 7th and starts at 6pm online. The program should only go for about a half hour. It is a fundraising event and I hope you will join me in making a gift at a meaningful level for you to support families in our community. I invite you to learn more about the work Housing Hope does in our community and let the work speak for itself. If you choose to make a gift, they have several options including monthly payments.

If you have any questions about the event, or the organization, please don't hesitate to reach out. All information related to the event can be found at

I hope you are able to join me on May 7th!

Utilize Social Networking

Be clear with expectations. Stone Soup is Housing Hope's largest fundraising event. The event is free to attend. However, guests will be asked to make a donation. These are uncertain times, and some of your guests may not be in a position to make a gift right now. Please let them know that they can make a pledge to be paid monthly or, at a later date. If you are uncomfortable asking people to donate, invite them to 'attend' Stone Soup, leaving it up to them to decide, without any pressure, whether to make a gift.

Follow Up with Guests

A few days before the event, check back with potential guests that have not responded. Find out if they have any questions, and ask them to RSVP to you. People oftentimes get busy and forget to respond, even though they plan on attending. For those who aren't able to join us on May 7th, let them know that they can view the Stone Soup video on Housing Hope's web site after the event, and they will have the opportunity to donate.

May 7th - Event Day!

Send an email or make a call the morning of the event to remind your guests to tune in by 5:55 pm for Stone Soup by going to www.housinghope/stonesoup. We'll provide some great light jazz music at 5:45 pm for those who want to get settled in on their favorite spot on the couch and relax while waiting for the program to begin.

Post Event

Thank you letters will be sent from Housing Hope to all Stone Soup donors. When guests make an online gift, they can indicate on the donation form who invited them to Stone Soup. After the event, we will provide you with a list of your guests who donated. Please call or send them a quick note thanking them for their generous support. Let them know that they can view the Stone Soup video at, and they still have the opportunity to make a donation online or can mail a check.