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Real Estate Housing Challenge


If your office has taken the Real Estate Challenge and you’re looking to have a little extra fun while raising money, we’ve sketched out a few ideas below that you can adapt for your own uses. Implementing any of these ideas could not only raise a lot of money for Housing Hope’s families, but they can also be great for team building within your office and for marketing to your clients and the community.


A menu of activities:


  • Most offices are filled with talented individuals.  Organize an internal auction offering things that people do well and would benefit another agent.  For instance, I like to cook and could provide a meal a week for a month to a busy agent who doesn’t have as much time or doesn’t like to cook.  A gal in my office is an amazing baker.  She might provide a birthday cake for someone’s upcoming birthday party.  We have some talented IT people in our office, maybe an hour of time with someone like me that is computer challenged.  All the funds raised would be used to fund the challenge for your office.


  • Partner with a local restaurant.  Brokers become the wait staff and wait on client-customers who’ve been invited to the event.  This is a great time to have real estate professionals call their circle of clients and friends and invite them to an event that will be fun and will raise funds for a great cause.  You’ll want a fixed menu with a reasonable price that is worked out with the restaurant in advance.  Guests will pay for their dinner but all the tips for the evening go to the Challenge.


  • Partner with a local brewery, distillery or winery.  Invite your sphere and have some fun learning about the products they are tasting and have donations for the challenge be the reward.


  • Put together a Bowl-a-thon at a bowling alley near your office.  Get together teams of four.  You can have teams from your office or you can invite people in your sphere that enjoy a little competition.  Each team needs to raise $100 of sponsorship for their team.  Have some fun raffle items and sell tickets and of course have a trophy for 1st, 2nd and third place.  All the proceeds fund the challenge.


  • Or…Keep it simple. Donate a portion of your loan or home closing, in honor of your client, by writing a check to Housing Hope and be part of the solution to ending Homelessness in our community. Housing  Hope will let your client know of your generosity and community concern.


If you want to do more than financially donate:


  • There are many opportunities for team building within the Housing Hope community.  They teach 15-20 households annually to build their own homes through sweat equity. You could organize a 4-hour volunteer party for co-workers in your office to work alongside these families swinging hammers, painting, landscaping, etc.  Contact for more information on scheduling and opportunities.


  • Got a green thumb? Plan a day at one of the many community gardens at Housing Hope’s 20 housing developments throughout Snohomish County. These gardens often need weeding, tending, planting and more. Contact for more information on scheduling and opportunities.


  • Plan a drive for household supplies for Housing Hope families that include items such as diapers, wipes, paper towels, cleaning supplies and more. Case Managers are able to hand these out at their discretion as residents have emergency needs arise. Hopassists 1500 individuals per year, so this is an on-going need.