More about 19.39.155 Supportive Housing Ordinance:

A.    Permanent supportive housing shall comply with the development standards and design guidelines for multiple-family development for the zone in which such housing is located except as specified herein.

1.    The allowed density shall be the number of units that can be placed on the site while meeting the dimensional standards and all other required standards of the zone in which the project is located except that in single-family zonesbuilding height shall be determined during the review process based upon compatibility with surrounding uses.

2.    Access to transit must be available within five hundred feet of the development.

3.    A written management plan shall be provided for the review and approval of the planning director. At a minimum, a management plan shall address the following components:

a.    Specify the nature of the supportive housing project and its intended occupants;

b.    Identify potential impact(s) on nearby residential uses and proposed methods to mitigate those impacts;

c.    Include a neighborhood outreach plan that addresses how the applicant will communicate with and inform the neighborhood before and after project approval;

d.    Identify the project management or agency to whom support staff are responsible and who will be available to resolve concerns pertaining to the facility. The plan shall specify procedures for updating any changes in contact information;

e.    Identify staffing, supervision and security arrangements appropriate to the facility. A twenty-four-hour on-site manager is required;

f.    On-site services shall be for residents of the facility only;

g.    The management plan will contain requirements for updating all contact information to the city when changes occur;

h.    If the planning director determines at any time there is evidence of fraud in obtaining the permit; concealment or misrepresentation of any material fact on the application or on any subsequent applications or reports; or that the supportive housing project is found to be in violation of the approved plans, conditions of approval, or the terms of the permit or management plan, and the owner has failed to correct the violation after proper notice thereof; then the city may initiate compliance proceedings as provided by Chapter 1.20.

4.    A use compliance inspection or report may be required periodically by the city as determined by the planning director. If a permanent supportive housing project is discontinued or abandoned, future use of the property shall be in conformance with the use and development standards of the underlying zone or overlay zone. (Ord. 3500-16 § 8, 2016)