Regional Boards

Housing Hope's Board of Directors created two Regional Boards - one in the East area of Snohomish County and one in the North area of Snohomish County - to ensure that Housing Hope remains responsive to the housing needs of the local communities in the outlying areas of the County.


These two formal groups of citizen volunteers meet monthly, offering advice and recommendations to agency staff and the Board of Directors on local need and priorities for development, programs and strategic goals. Members raise awareness of Housing Hope within their region and participate in efforts to raise funds that support motivated homeless families.

North County Regional Board

The North County Regional Branch Board, created in 2004, serves local communities in the North and Northeast areas of Snohomish County and on Camano Island.

Board of Directors

Carol Jensen, President, Community Volunteer

Rose Anderson, Remax 

Ken Klein, Snohomish County Executive's Office

J. Skelly, Washington Federal
Cynthia Weaver, Beneficial State Bank

Sergio Colon, People’s Bank

East County Regional Board

The East County Regional Board serves local communities in the Sky Valley areas of East Snohomish County. When the Board organized in 2003, Board members adopted a goal to create 100 affordable housing. With the completion of Monroe Family Village in Fall 2015, they will have surpassed this goal.

Board of Directors

Tony Balk, President, Community Volunteer

John Chambers, Community Volunteer

Tom Day, Columbia Bank

Chris Gray, Community Volunteer

Connie Janke, Community Volunteer

Tom MacIntyre, Community Volunteer

Linda Redmon, Snohomish City Council

Barbara Rohe, Community Volunteer
Doug Slager, Harmsen & Associates, Inc.

Karen Skelly, Community Volunteer

Twin Lakes Landing, Marysville

Monroe Family Village, Monroe