Housing Sites

Housing Hope owns and operates many housing sites throughout Snohomish County and Camano Island.

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Housing Hope offers a full range of housing solutions for families experiencing homelessness or with low-incomes. From emergency shelter to homeownership opportunities, we have it all!

Emergency Shelter

Homeless families come to Housing Hope at times of desperation, and shelter allows them safety and some time to regroup so that they can begin to think about their future. Housing Hope has two locations that offer emergency shelter, Windermere Crossroads Shelter in Everett and at Lervick Family Village in Stanwood where residents can stay for up to 90 days.


Emergency shelter helps families cope with their immediate housing crisis. As part of our response to homelessness, residents of our emergency shelters receive wrap-around services that include intensive case management services and special assistance to make sure they have the basics to begin a household.


Some families re-enter regular community housing after a brief stay. Many others move on to Housing Hope's Service Supported Homeless Housing.

Service Supported Homeless Housing

Housing Hope offers permanent, affordable housing with voluntary access to services to homeless families with children. Rent amounts are based on income and family size, and families pay 30% of their income for rent.

Families work hard at learning skills they need to succeed. In service enriched housing, Family Support Coaches and parents work together to develop goals and step-by-step plans to move forward, including basic education, access to child support, legal remedies, quality childcare, and preparation for employment. During weekly visits to families in their homes, case managers address daily problems, reinforce successes and offer guidance.


Housing Hope offers service supported apartments all throughout Snohomish County so that families, when possible, can remain in their communities of choice while they better their situations. Housing Hope continues to develop new sites to help meet the needs of homeless families. Most recently completed was Monroe Family Village, and Twin Lakes Landing in Smokey Point will begin construction in 2016.

Team HomeBuilding

Housing Hope has opportunities for low-income families to become home owners through sweat equity. Learn more about the Team HomeBuilding program here.