Jobs: Economic Empowerment

Expand capacity to provide job readiness counseling, internships and work experience










HopeWorks Station Phase 1 Remodel and Startup

Remodeled space in newly acquired 3331 Broadway building in Everett for use in operating and expanding social enterprises designed to provide career ladder training for homeless and at-risk individuals. Six social enterprise businesses will be developed to achieve long-term sustainability on earned income. Funds were utilized for capitalizing enterprises with working space, equipment, furnishings and startup costs. $910,000 in charitable support leveraged an additional $1,090,000 in project funding.

STATUS: HopeWorks Station opened September 2014. The third social enterprise, CafeWorks, launched December 2015.





Employment Readiness and Internship Programs

Provide employment readiness programs for a growing number of residents of affordable housing operated by Housing Hope and partner agencies in Snohomish County. These services include life skills training, job readiness counseling, financial asset development, internships, work experience and career exploration. Funds will provide Employment Specialists and classes to serve homeless and at-risk residents from seven housing agencies and to position Housing Hope to serve 197 residents at three new multifamily residential facilities under development during 2015 to 2018.

STATUS: Internship placements have grown to 44 in 2015 with plans to increase this up to 83 by 2017.





HopeWorks Jobs Program

Develop the capacity to annually host 50 or more homeless or at-risk individuals in internships within social enterprises operated at HopeWorks Station and companion sites. Internships will be aligned with career pathways in industries projected to provide employment opportunities in the ten year jobs forecast for Snohomish County. Job opportunities upon completion of internships will be developed within the HopeWorks social enterprises.

STATUS: HopeWorks currently hosts 18 interns annually in three Social Enterprises: GroundWorks Landscaping Services, ReNewWorks Home and Décor and CafeWorks.





HopeWorks Station Phase 2 - New Development

Construct a new five-story building adjacent to 3331 Broadway on vacant land acquired by HopeWorks in March 2014. The site on Broadway, two blocks from the transit hub of the county, is easily accessible to populations in need.  Three floors will provide workforce housing for individuals desiring to pursue internships and jobs at onsite social enterprises towards the goal of fostering career pathways. Two floors will provide commercial space for new social enterprises. This space will be designed to be a thriving, supportive living environment surrounded by classes, college credit courses, internships, and jobs. $2,000,000 in charitable support will leverage an additional estimated $34,000,000 in project funding.

STATUS: Land acquired, design underway, fundraising actively underway.



VIDEO: Eric, Program Manager at HopeWorks, talks about the purpose of ReNewWorks and HopeWorks