Grow: Larry's Story

A single father, Larry worked seven days a week to support his family. On his way to work one day, he got into a car accident and couldn’t return to his old job. Soon after, Larry was evicted from his home. He and his children became homeless.


They bounced from couch to couch for months. This was no way to live and it was incredibly hard on the kids. The girls weren’t able to complete their homework and their grades started dropping. The entire family was stressed, exhausted and frustrated.


Larry felt hopeless.


In desperation to at least give his girls a warm, safe place to sleep, Larry began sneaking them into a family member’s senior living home. The girls would stay in the apartment while Larry slept on the street in his car.



Larry vividly remembers the day he hit rock bottom. It was right before Christmas. Out of options and with nowhere to turn, he sat in his car and wondered what to do next. Suddenly, his phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number and almost didn’t answer the call, but then…



Larry picked up the phone. He's so glad he did.


“Merry Christmas!” The voice said, “I’m sorry I can’t get you guys anything for Christmas, but I can get you a place to live.” It was Housing Hope.


The whole family thought it was too good to be true. But two weeks later they had the keys to their new apartment.  Soon after moving in, Larry was connected to Housing Hope’s team of Education and Employment Specialists and signed up to take job training classes through College of Hope.


Now that Larry had a home for his daughters, he knew needed not just a job, but a career that could provide for his family. Nothing was going to stop him.


“I am going to find a career,” Larry promised himself. Employment with growth potential that could lift his family out of poverty. Larry was determined to give his daughters the life they deserved. In stable housing, they were doing better in school. Larry wanted to keep them on the right track.


Motivated by family history, Larry decided to be a corrections officer. It was a rigorous process to be accepted but Larry made it and was on track until he was injured in training and unable to finish. It was time to choose a different path.  Once again he picked himself back up and started looking for another way forward.    


Starting a career from scratch is a challenge but Larry’s Family Support Coach and Employment Specialist are right by him helping to build his self-confidence.  There have been times when Larry has considered giving up, but Housing Hope wouldn’t let him. The Employment Specialists support him, keep him motivated and remove barriers to his success. With Housing Hope’s support, Larry gained the confidence to keep working toward a career.


Larry hasn’t found his career, but he hasn’t quit searching either. But that’s Larry for you. He doesn’t quit. The challenges are great, but his determination is greater. Moreover, his family is happy, healthy, and in safe stable housing. A critical foundation. When asked about his experience with Housing Hope, Larry’s face lights up and he says “With Housing Hope, you can do anything!” 

Will you change a family's life this holiday season?

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