Children: ChildHope Children's Services

Provide enhancements and long-term sustainability for the ChildHope Programs.










Program Enhancements

Enhance the capacity of Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center. Program, staffing and facility enhancements will position this program as the quality provider of specialized childcare and related family services for homeless families in Snohomish County. The existing parent education program will be expanded through additional offerings of widely popular “Incredible Years” courses. A second masters-level Child Specialist position will be added to the program, expanding the capacity to provide in-home child development services for homeless families.

STATUS: Incredible Years class offerings have been increased and well attended. A second Child Specialist was hired in 2015.




Playground - Tomorrow's Hope

Significantly refurbish the playground at Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center. Improvements include replacing the asphalt with a cushy field turf, installation of a tricycle track around the playground, and installation of a new play mound with scramble wall and zip slide. $49,000 in charitable support will leverage an additional $39,000 in project funding.
STATUS: The project was fully funded and opened for children in November 2015.









Provide long-term sustainability for ChildHope programs. This is addressed through the funding of a new ChildHope Endowment fund. Earnings will be dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the child programs of Housing Hope. The initial goal is $1,200,000, which will generate $60,000 annually to ensure that homeless and at-risk families have access to a host of quality child development services through ChildHope for decades to come.  More than 500 children will be served annually.

STATUS: Over $905,000 has been raised for the ChildHope Endowment Fund through September 2016.




VIDEO: Jelly, Teachers Assistant at Tomorrow's Hope, talks about her job and the children she works with