Four components make up this Program: In-Home Child and Family Specialist, Tomorrow's Hope Child Development Center, Parent Education classes in the College of Hope and the Teen and Young Parent Program.

Families with children make up an increasingly large proportion of the homeless population. Housing Hope focuses its housing and service programs on families with children.












The Impact of Homelessness on Children


Children in homeless families typically suffer as a result of:


  • housing instability

  • lack of resources related to inadequate family income

  • lack of positive support systems

  • ineffective coping mechanisms


We know that this experience often leaves them with significant developmental and emotional delays that can impact their futures. We also know that early intervention helps these children succeed in school and in life. Families who come to Housing Hope have a chance to rebuild their lives and give their children brighter futures. Parents are supported to gain the skills and access the resources necessary to help their children have healthy childhoods, meet developmental milestones and become thriving adults.


ChildHope Offers Brighter Futures


Housing Hope takes special care to make sure homeless children receive the support they need. We provide safe, nurturing and affordable environments for children—in the home, in the housing complex, through a complement of services, by having two Child and Family Specialists and a Child Psychologist on staff, and by providing child development services of the highest quality.


ChildHope consists of four components:

In‐home Child and Family Specialist at Housing Hope Properties
Child and Family Specialists are available to serve family housing units throughout Snohomish County, as well as children at Tomorrow's Hope Child Development Center. The Specialist provides assessment, interventions, parent coaching and referral to specialty agencies and school liaison assistance to parents. The Specialist also serves as a community engagement coordinator with the school districts, community partners and agencies.

Parent Education at College of Hope
The agency’s College of Hope program offers a series of evening courses in its ‘Family Life’ education academy. These courses are offered at five geographic sites in the county: Everett, Lynnwood, Monroe, Stanwood and Smokey Point. Transportation for homeless families is provided to the Everett site. A meal designed to model economical and nutritious meals and family dining begins each evening.

Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center
Tomorrow's Hope operates a licensed center with 112 slots serving children 4 weeks to 12 years of age. The center provides transportation, a nutrition program with breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily, a once a week health clinic and a Head Start classroom for 4 year olds. The program has staff and teachers with varying educational levels, including several with advanced degrees.

Homeless Teen and Young Parents at New Century Village
Provides 23 subsidized independent living apartments dedicated to homeless young moms aged 16 to 24 years and their babies. Two full time Case Managers specialize in providing a comprehensive program of supports to these residents. A tailored series of College of Hope parenting and life skills classes are provided on site. Volunteers provide childcare so that all parents at this site can participate in life skills education classes.